I have a blog, entitled "Thoughts About Fiction," where I occasionally discuss aspects of my writing as well as that of others.

I have a collection of limited-edition prints by the British artist Patrick Caulfield, which were exhibited at Seattle University. You can see the exhibition and read my collector's appreciation here.

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Fowler W. Martin, a retired Journalist,  has lived with his wife in Seattle, Washington since 2004.

Prior to that, he worked for Dow Jones News Services for 33 years.

Shortly after starting as a copy reader in Manhattan, he was transferred to London for two years and then to Japan as the Tokyo correspondent for the AP-Dow Jones Economic Report, a joint venture of the Associated Press and Dow Jones.

Promoted to Chief European Correspondent five years later, he returned to London where he subsequently became AP-DJ's third Managing Editor.

Fowler subsequently returned to the U.S. to become Washington Bureau Chief for the Dow Jones Newswires and then the CEO of Federal Filings, a Washington-based Dow Jones subsidiary.

He ended his career by going back to reporting for a couple of years, covering the Congressional tax writing committees and the Internal Revenue Service.

Fowler is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Stanford University where he received a degree in General Engineering with a focus on computer science. He was also active in student politics during the turbulent early 1960s and along with engineering, took several courses in Political Theory.

Immediately after university, Fowler served for two years on a destroyer in the Pacific Fleet as the ship's damage control officer.